3rd Generation

Terry and her Father continued to operate the business together for the next thirteen years until his death in 1994. Gerald was the cook, making all the delicious centers from scratch, while Terry and her crew hand dipped every piece. Gerald, a retired truck driver also enjoyed making runs to pick up supplies and thereby saving on freight expenses. He would frequently travel to Chicago, IL, Indianapolis, IN, and Marion, IN to pick up chocolate, various nuts, candy boxes and whatever materials were necessary. Terry used her background in banking to perfect her skills in managing the administrative side of business ownership, overseeing all elements of accounting, payroll, order processing, and inventory monitoring.

Terry's dedication to the business took it to another level. Due to her perseverance Good's Candies was no longer a hobby as it had been with her Grandparents, or a part-time job as it was with her Mother. It was her full time career and her passion in life. At the time of her death in 2007, she had been running the business for twenty-six years, and involved with it for nearly forty.

Third Generation