Chocolate And Health


Today, much is being said about chocolate and health. There have been literally thousands of newspaper, magazine, and internet articles written on this topic in the last decade in addition to countless discussions about this matter on television. Obviously, we at The Original Good's Candies are not medical doctors and will therefore not make any claims substantiating the health benefits of eating chocolate.

With that said, we are just as interested in the topic as you are. When you eat as much chocolate as we do, it is nice to think that it might actually be doing some good for our bodies and not just adding calories as we all have grown up believing.

In this section, we will offer a brief overview of the various "good" ingredients in chocolate and what is believed to be their positive health benefits.

Resveratrol: May help reduce the cell damage from environmental toxins that can spur tumor growth and therefore provide anti-cancer benefits.
Flavonoids: May help to reduce bad cholesterol or "LDL".
Epicatechin: May decrease chances of heart disease and diabetes.
Tannins: Can reduce chances of strokes and heart attacks.
Catechin: Can strengthen responses in immune systems.

All of these antioxidants can also be found in other foods sand beverages such as red wine, green tea, citrus fruits, and onions.

Phenylethylamine, and Serotonin Are natural chemical found in chocolate, thought to trigger certain mood enhancing reactions in your body. These ingredients in chocolate are believed to help relieve various ailments, including; depression, fatigue, pain and PMS.

Theobromine, This natural chemical in cocoa that tastes bitter is said to help dilate blood vessels and keep blood pressure steady. According to a study from Yale University, for this reason snacking on chocolate regularly during pregnancy can help prevent potentially fatal complications from premature births.

All of these antioxidants and other natural chemicals are found in greater quantities when the chocolate sample is more pure. The fewer additives are present, the more beneficial ingredients you will find. This is why dark chocolate is considered a "healthier" choice than milk chocolate as there has been no further reduction in purity of cocoa by the added dairy products. Added sugar also reduces the health benefits of the chocolate which is also more present in milk chocolate. White chocolate has none of these health benefits as it is simply a vanilla flavored coating, and has no cocoa present.

Because we hand dip all of our candies here at The Original Good's Candies, we use our chocolate in its purest form without any additives. On the other hand, mass produced chocolates passed through enrobing machines use a lesser grade chocolate that is thinned with oils and/or paraffin to lower its viscosity. This process also greatly reduces any health benefits of the chocolates.

We believe that our use of the highest quality chocolate in it's purest form, our strict requirements for our nuts, fruits and all our other ingredients, and our time honored tradition of hand dipping each piece of candy in house makes The Original Good's Candies some of the 'healthiest' chocolate candies you can buy.

We also believe that moderation is the key. Despite the many health benefits of chocolate that have been discovered in recent years, it is important to remember that it is far from "health food". Using good, common sense when selecting your portion size and frequency will do more toward establishing positive health benefits than the specific ingredients will. It's like one of founders, Grandma Nelda used to say, "You shouldn't have too much of a good thing!"