“ The Original Goods Candies is a true small town Indiana gem. The quality of the chocolates and candies is hard to beat and the fact that they are all hand made is a true statement to the craftsmanship involved in all of their offerings. For years, Goods Candies have been my lifeline as I traveled the world, looking forward to that tan box of home sent by my parents as a gift or just to break my homesickness. I CAN make chocolates but why when Goods does it so much better. Thanks for a lot of memories and calories. Looking forward to many more years of enjoying all of your tried and true candies and your new candies you dream up.”

Ty David Hunt, Executive Chef
Nourish Cafe & Events
Indianapolis Museum of Art

“ Ever since I met the Vickery's several years ago, I have become a great fan of The Original Good's Candies in Kennard. Every year at Christmas my wife, mother, children, father in law, and administrative assistant all look forward to receiving their box of Goods candies. I also buy several boxes each year for my beloved wife, both to express my undying love for her ,and also to beg forgiveness for my random acts of stupid. I used to buy my chocoholic wife Godiva chocolates, but as she much prefers The Original Good's Candies, I have found them to be much more effective in getting me out of the dog house. 

You are the best Kevin-- Keep up the great work, and I 'll talk to you next time I goof up!! ”

Vic Indiano, Managing Partner
Indiano Vaughan, LLP (Patent and Trademark Attorneys) 
Indianapolis, IN

“ I have been a fan and customer of Good's Candies for over 23 years. Kevin and his crew never fail to impress. The quality of their product is only surpassed by their attention to customer care. Don't be fooled by imitators, the ORIGINAL Good's Candies is the only way to go for the highest quality chocolates. The thought of their candy is making my mouth water as I type this! Keep up the good work, guys! ”

Michael R. Crider, Author
“A Guys Guide to Surviving” Series
Nashville, TN

“After one trip to The Original Good's Candies in Kennard, IN, I was hooked. Not only were the chocolates exceptional but Kevin & Kathy made you feel like you were in their home. Since that first day, I have told several people of their wonderful products. One thing, they believe in their vision and they provide continued consistency. When something is this good, why change? When eating chocolate on any occasion by another chocolatier, I always think how much I miss The Original Good's Candies. They are the best. Thank you Kevin & Kathy. ”

Marty Moran, Owner
Bello Romance Photography, Eye On You Photography
Greenfield, IN

“ Thank you for the box of candy. Delicious! I know in your heart you were honoring your Mother. A great gal! I miss her too. She was special! Have a good Summer. God bless you. ”

Virginia Ellis
Kennard Christian Church
Kennard, IN

“ The Original Good's Candies in Kennard, IN always makes the perfect gift. I've used their services for the past ten years for everything from my wedding, anniversary party, baby shower and always for Christmas gifts for customers. I give Good’s Candies as Christmas gifts for customers every year because it helps me to stand out from competitors. My customers talk about the Christmas gift all year. Although I give a similiar gift each year, Kevin and Kathy are always great about changing the packaging to personalize it for me. I will never change my business gifts from The Original Good's Candies! ”

Kim Pugliese, Eastern Regional Manager
American Fidelity Assurance
Indianapolis, IN

“ They have the best caramels and cherry cordials ever! I think I need to take a drive out to Kennard - it's been to long! ” 

Scott Manwaring,  Anderson, IN

“ I will never forget the look of absolute delight on my daughter’s face as Terry picked up the tiniest piece of milk chocolate and put it in Maggie's mouth when she was about 7 months old. Maggie squealed and grinned and Terry just laughed. It was Maggie's FIRST chocolate. She's been hooked ever since! ”

Katie Absher,  Middletown, IN

“ I just had a chocolate covered marshmallow.....It was AWESOME!!! ”

Reid Esquivel
Conquest Racing
Indianapolis, IN

“ Thank you so much for your kindness. What a nice surprise. The candy is delicious and I appreciate it very much. Thank you. ”

Nanette Porter
Kennard Christian Church
Kennard, IN


“ Dear Kevin & Kathy, It’s just like you to do such special things! The Foursquare Gospel Church Choir would like to thank you for your contribution to our fundraiser. Our silent Auction at the Mother/Daughter Luncheon was a great success. May God bless you for your kindness. Thanks so much. ”

The Foursquare Gospel Church Choir
New Castle, IN


“ For us, dealing with a small, family operated business is always more pleasurable. The Original Good's Candies fits that bill perfeclty. Growing up in Indiana, we always knew about the terrific candy and service from Good's Candies. But now that we live in Florida, we rely on their excellent service and shipping. Although it's not as fun as visiting the one and only store in Kennard, Indiana, the end result is fine quality candy in our home. Whether we use their service to supply delicious chocolates to our customers or our employees at holiday time, we have always been able to have confidence in Good's Candies' freshness and service. ”

Anita and Kal Blumberg
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“ Delicious candy! We've been customers for many years! ”

Mitzi Hughes

“ My family loves to make the short drive to Kennard, to get their favorite, hand made chocolates. Sure, there are other candies that are closer to our home but they don't hold a candle to The ORIGINAL Good's Candies! The delicious candies and superior service from the friendly staff make it well worth the trip to Kennard! ”

Ben Long and Family
Anderson, Indiana

“ Thank you very much for the candy for the Mothers at the churches. It was so thoughtful and was really appreciated. ”

Jean Starbuck
Kennard, IN

“ Good's chocolate Easter eggs have been a yearly tradition and fond holiday memory of mine for many years - and now it's been passed on to my own kids. Thanks! ”

Gayla Baer
Middletown, IN

“ My Dad first found out about The Original Good's Candies when he was working with Bud Miller's plumbing service in the 1960’s and they went on a service call at a big, white farm house in Kennard. They discovered there was a small shop in the house and were given a sample which they brought home for us all to try. After that, for years at every Christmas, my Dad had a great big standing order. My mom gave to friend's and family for Christmas gifts every year, even the paper boy and the “Jewel T Man”.  It's the best candy EVER! ”

Robin Sexton

“ Thank you so much for your gifts of candy for the Mothers of Kennard Babtist Church. We were all thrilled and greatly appreciate it. Thanks! ”

Kennard Baptist Church
Kennard, IN

“ Thank you for sending the delicious peanut brittle. I’m enjoying it very much! Wish you had a store, closer as I am a “candy-oholic”. Thank you again Good’s Candies! God bless You. ”

Thelma Cohlmeyer
Mt. Vernon, IN

“ Good’s Candies has ruined my love affair with chocolate. I can no longer eat any other brand of chocolate candy without comparing it to the Original Goods Candies. My company caters to luxury brand businesses and we brand ourselves as a company that “creates experiences.” Good’s Candies has been serving luxury chocolates and creating experiences for years! ”

GK Rowe, Director of Creative Development
Q7 Associates
Indianapolis, IN